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Many of you already know about Photoshop. Photoshop is the Photo editing software and some of you can use it very well. However, do you really know how Photoshop works? If you don’t know, no worries, this blog will explain everything about Photoshop to you.

What Photoshop is and how it works?

If I have to explain Photoshop in one word then definitely I will say it’s a manipulator, Because by using Photoshop you can change the scenario of any picture. You can combine oceans and galaxies into one image. By using Adobe Photoshop you can convert small things into giants and giants can be converted into small things.

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Now let’s talk about some technicalities of photoshop

So before learning Adobe Photoshop, it is important to understand how electronic screens work, like how electronic screens represent the information to us.

To present the information (images, videos) to us electronic screens get the help from pixels.

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Abstract matrix digital numbers artifical intelligence ai theme with human face

Actually in simple language a pixel is like a square. So a number of squares get together to show up in one image. it works in the form of multiplication 2,4,16. Suppose I have a photo of 1920 and 1080 pixels. It means there are 1920 pixels in a single room, and there are 1080 pixels in a single column. Now let’s try to multiply this. It means two million seventy three six hundred pixels (squares) are working together to present one image on an electronic screen.

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Brand Branding Design Marketing Drawing Concept – Stock Image

As Photoshop has a pixel based software like we defined the pixels per image in Photoshop. So it’s suggested for those designs which have fixed size like posters, hoardings  and so on. If you’re thinking of designing a logo in Adobe Photoshop then I don’t think it’s the best choice for you, because branding like logos are always used everywhere- Like on t-shirts, posters, websites. If you designed the logo in adobe Photoshop then you have to convert it into every fixed available size. So that’s why it’s only preferable for those designs which have fixed size.

Now let’s move to the next point that Adobe Photoshop is a layer based software.

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The Fresh red onion sliced bulb and onion peel isolated on white background , overhead shot and top view

To make one stunning design, there are several images that work together. Adobe Photoshop makes layers like an onion of every effect and image. Probably, a Single layer looks weird but the group of layers make the photo stunning.

I hope you understand the whole concept of adobe Photoshop very clearly. Please click on the video to understand it in a practical way.

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